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The handing-over ceremony of the president of Central Police University

publish date : 2014-02-25

President Hsieh retired with successful achievement, and Tiao takes over the cultivating duty.

The handing-over ceremony for the new and the former president took place in Central Police University on January 16th, 2014. The former chief of Taichung police bureau Tiao, Chien-sheng is going to succeed president Hsieh, who has reached the period of retirement. The vice minister of Ministry of the Interior, Hsiao Jia Chi, hosted the handing-over ceremony on behalf of the minister of MOI. Guests of Yen Shih Hsi, the former CPU president and current National Policy advisor and Wu Hsien Chang, director of Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice and Guei Hoan Cheng, the executive of the president office of the Examination Yuan, attended the ceremony.

Vice minister Hsiao first expressed his appreciation to President Hsieh for the success of the promotion of academic quality and the completion of construction of multiple educational facilities during his duty. He also expressed his appreciation to Tiao for the mission he achieved during his duty in Taichung police bureau, and congratulated the promotion as the president of Central Police University. In order to praise President Hsieh’s achievements, Minister Lee specially awarded President Hsieh the outstanding medal in professional contributions on January 15 to express the deepest appreciation and respect and wish Hsieh a happy retired life.

After that, Vice minister Hsiao introduced the new president Tiao, Chien-sheng to everyone, and said President Tiao was his former colleague when he served in Taichung city government. He did excellent job there. Vice minister Hsiao expected President Tiao to bring what he has learnt into full play and combine the realistic experience into police education in order to cultivate the future police officers for the country.

Vice minister Hsiao meanwhile expected the faculty of Central Police University to be the backup for President Tiao so as to push various kinds of educational and administrative tasks and develop more and more excellent security cadres. At last, vice minister Hsiao said that promoting the efficiency of police services is an important goal for the government’s policies. Therefore, it’s crucial to cultivate outstanding security personnel. He expected a closer cooperation between National Police Agency and Central Police University to fulfill the combination of theory and reality and pursue a greater welfare for the public after President Tiao takes charge. The former president Hsieh thanked everyone's efforts and the past three years which made a great progress and growth for Central Police University. The speech received a great round of applause from staff members.

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