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Softball team from the department of maritime police claims the 2014 Honesty Field Cup softball title.

publish date : 2014-05-01
While every second semester of a year begins, the biggest event that enters our life may be the Honesty Field Cup games and Principal Cup Games. The Honesty Cup games are mostly held by the club assistance crew while the Principal Cup games were held by official crew.

Last year, the softball team from the department of maritime police failed in the second round while burst-out defensive corruption broke down our win. Therefore, the team concentrated on defensive efforts by training with the teacher of engineering mathematics, Professor Lin. Professor Lin, who excels in both softball and table tennis, is meanwhile the coach of our softball team. Before actual trainings on the field, Professor Lin demonstrated his idea while we were having breaks during our engineering mathematic classes. Later then, we scheduled five times of training with or without our coach, Professor Lin. Coach Lin emphasized his training point on speed and defensive awareness by consecutive dashes between bases and the demonstration of both infield and outfield defensive practices.

While the training continues to roll, the team also went through games with excitement. The first and second game ended up as blow-outs and the scores were ten to nothing and eight to one. The toughest game the team came into was the third round against the department of fire, which defeated us in the second round last year. The team struggled at first and came back to the game under the pressure of two to nothing. A break-out inning happened and the team managed to get five points in a row. But the most nervous moment occur while the score was five to four with only one point leading. An encouraging defensive play was demonstrated by the pitcher, Chi-Shin Huang from 792 and the catcher, Chan-Yan Tsai from 811. They turned a groundball in front of the pitching mound into a great shut out in the plate with no error in a short time. After that, the pitcher managed to send a walk-off strikeout to end the intense ball game.

After this great game, the team won games like they’d broke through some kind of obstacle. A four-to-nothing win against the department of crime investigation in the semi-final and a twelve-to-four blowout against the team from extension education center to won the championship.

During the period of time the team had been through, we learned a lot on both the softball skills and the techniques to make excellent communications with our teacher, Professor Lin. Also, we have developed great teamwork spirit among our classmates while the team was composed of players came from various units referring to 811, 801, 802 to 792. The wonderful experience of teamwork and honor we’d been through is beyond description and we hope we will be able to keep this soul whatever we are doing and wherever we go in the future as long as we’re honored as a member from the department of maritime police and the coast guard administration.
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